Come and work with our diverse faculty, actively pursuing research in exciting areas. Take a look behind the curtain.

Our faculty and students pursue the exciting, big questions that have always stimulated thinkers in different eras and cultures. How should we live? What do we owe each other, or future generations? How should we reason, and weigh evidence? More deeply: What is it to be a person, or to be a citizen? What is it to think, to reason? New answers to these questions are always being proposed and debated; new questions are being asked too.

MA in Philosophy

The Master’s at Guelph provides the opportunity for you to work with our faculty whose¬†significant and recognized research strengths in continental philosophy, philosophy of science and philosophy of mind, ethics, social and political philosophy and the history of philosophy. Find more information here: ¬†

PhD in Philosophy

The department at Guelph hosts one of the largest PhD programs in philosophy in Canada. With guaranteed funding and a good placement record for graduates, the PhD opens doors for students both during the program and after graduation.

We especially welcome applications from students with interests in:

Philosophy of Science: history and philosophy of modern physics, scientific explanation; modeling and idealization in science, biology and neuroscience, the evolution and philosophy of emotion, colour, and evolutionary psychology; ecological modelling; Human Genome project

Social and Political Philosophy: political tolerance, cultural rights, religion and democracy, feminist movements and issues; conceptualizing and responding to global injustice, poverty, and equality; psychological health and political conflict; critical theory

Ethics: health-care ethics, reproductive technologies, global reproductive markets, virtue theory & character development, posthumanist ethics, feminist ethics, sentimentalist moral theory of 17th and 18th century, and figures in the history of ethics from the Ancients to 21st century

Epistemology: Phil of Language, trauma and belief-formation, borderline quotational phenomena, social constructivism

Metaphysics: Phil of Mind, Temporality, Consciousness studies; philosophy of perception (e.g. disjunctivism, direct realism, radical empiricism), evolution of cognition; free will

History: medieval theories of the will, medieval logic & epistemology; Women philosophers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; early modern empiricism

It’s amazing and it’s all here.