English MA

Welcome to the MA at Guelph — an inspired introduction to graduate-level work in English studies within a flexible program. Draw on the School’s strengths in Colonial, Postcolonial, and Diasporic Studies; Canadian Literature; Early Modern Studies; Media, Technology and Literacy in the Humanities; Studies in Performance and Politics; Sexuality and Gender Studies; Transnational Nineteenth-Century Studies. The scope is extensive. Bring your curiosity!

Pursue a wide range of research topics consulting with faculty members actively engaged with the literatures of different historical periods and geographical locations. Join the conversation in current debates on critical theory, cultural studies, and gender studies. If you are a creative writer, you may apply to work with a distinguished writer on a creative thesis or project.

Open doors to careers in teaching, administration, advertising, research, journalism, publishing, law, arts management, the media, information technology, creative writing, public relations, the entertainment industry and other enterprises requiring analytical, organizational, and creative skills in communications. Feed your mind, broaden your vocabulary, drive your future!

Theatre Studies MA

Consider a research-based degree and work with award-winning theatre scholars and practitioners at the top of their careers.  Merge theory and practice and get prepared, if you choose, for both doctoral-level study and careers in the academy, and for a broad range of careers related to the performing arts. Through its courses and the superb supervision that a small enrolment permits, and through its final projects (thesis or research paper), the Theatre Studies MA encourages independent research and self-learning.

Graduates advance to doctoral programs, academic positions, and pursue careers in arts administration, research, law, teaching, publishing, the media, creative writing, public relations, and the entertainment industry.

PhD Program

This unique PhD program in Literary Studies/Theatre Studies builds on the expertise of nearly thirty faculty members with an impressive range of scholarship, approaches, and research achievements to mentor you. Plug into intellectual and practical academic training with a small number of students who demonstrate exceptional scholarly potential in one of our fields of specialization:

  • Studies in Canadian Literatures
  • Colonial, Postcolonial and Diasporic Studies
  • Early Modern Studies
  • Studies in the History and Politices of Performance and Theatre
  • Sexuality and Gender Studies
  • Transnational Nineteenth-Century Studies

Choose to focus on either literary studies or theatre studies, but also consider the distinct opportunity to do interdisciplinary work in the humanities. The potential for such exciting collaboration is not available in more traditional doctoral programs. The Phd is agile, encouraging flexibility and creativity in defining areas and methods of research that will serve you well in an academic job market that now seldom looks for narrow specialization or coverage of a single field.

MFA Creative Writing

This elite program offers workshops in fiction, creative nonfiction, drama and poetry. Defining characteristics of the program include innovative plenary courses, a semester-long mentorship with a professional writer, and the opportunity to design and teach creative writing workshops in downtown Toronto schools.

At the University of Guelph-Humber building on the north campus of Humber College in Toronto, our stellar faculty includes Dionne Brand, Catherine Bush and Judith Thompson, and associated faculty Karen Connelly, Russell Smith and Michael Winter, among others. We offer workshops in the following genres: creative nonfiction, drama, fiction and poetry. Defining characteristics of the program include the innovative plenary courses “Writers on Writing” and “Writers in the World,” a semester-long mentorship with a professional writer, the participation of a wide range of well-established writers from Canada and abroad as associated faculty, mentors and visitors, and alliances with a variety of cultural organizations in the Toronto area.    We are intensely proud of the trail-blazing publication and production accomplishments of our growing number of alumni. Enter a community of writers. We’re waiting for you.